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Let the world be more beautiful because of us.This is YIGO's commitment to the world.Based on China, to the world.

From the beginning, we have determined the road of brand with the quality as the core, based on honesty, is the long way of development, the continuous progress and growth of many years has also proved that our insistence is correct. In the coming days, more stringent standards will be applied to urge ourselves to make progress and strive to become China's leading brand of foreign trade.

Make the world more beautiful because of us


We transfer civilization, in good faith with our passion casting fashion, we develop tomorrow, with the strength each needle represents persistence, each line represents the focus, each is a classic, and moon, we depend on each other forward.Try to create the comfortable classic brand!


Binwei Hu
Zhejiang garment industry association
Zhejiang clothing association committee, deputy director of the
And the Chinese clothing designer association director
YIGO, chairman of the brand